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Taking Courageous and Conscious Actions: Principle 6 of Conscious & Regenerative Leadership


In the realm of leadership, conscious and courageous actions stand as pillars of strength and integrity. They embody the essence of leadership that transcends mere decision-making and delves deep into the realm of purpose-driven actions.

In our article The Principles of Conscious & Regenerative Leadership, we unveiled its core principles. Principle 6, underscores the significance of these actions in shaping organisational culture, fostering innovation, and driving sustainable growth.



Understanding Conscious and Courageous Actions

Conscious and regenerative leadership transcends mere theory—it's about embodying courage and taking action rooted in self-awareness and unwavering trust. Such actions demand careful consideration, empathy, and a profound appreciation for all living beings.


Therefore, for leaders to embrace courage, they must remain aligned with their values, driven by a clear purpose, and dedicated to decisions that serve the collective welfare.



“Action without vision is only passing time. Vision without action is merely daydreaming. But vision with action can change the world”.

Nelson Mandela


At its core, courage represents the willingness to confront adversity, uncertainty, and fear, whether internal or external, in the pursuit of one’s values, beliefs, and goals. It’s the inner strength that propels individuals to step beyond their comfort zones, face challenges head-on, and persevere in the face of uncertainty or adversity.


Conscious and regenerative leaders recognise that cultivating courage is essential, not only for personal growth, but also for guiding their organisations toward a brighter and more purposeful future. Thus, conscious and regenerative leaders are not afraid to speak up for what they believe in, confront difficult truths, and champion transformation for the betterment of humanity.



The Intersection of Consciousness and Courage

When consciousness and courage converge, they create a powerful force for transformation and progress. Conscious and regenerative leaders draw upon their inner wisdom and values to inform their actions, while courage empowers them to act boldly on behalf of those values, even when it requires facing resistance or overcoming personal fears.

In practical terms, conscious and regenerative leaders are courageous to:

1. Take Responsibility

Conscious and regenerative leaders recognise that genuine power stems from assuming accountability for their lives and their influence on the world. They bravely accept their responsibility in shaping their own destiny and the broader environment.


2. Embrace Growth and Transformation

Growth and transformation may seem daunting, yet, conscious and regenerative leaders exhibit the bravery to venture beyond their comfort zones. They acknowledge that progress often entails departing from the familiar and embracing the uncertainties of the unknown.


3. Be Authentic

Conscious and regenerative leaders boldly embrace their authentic selves, unabashedly celebrating their individual attributes and asserting their genuine authority.


4. Follow Inner Guidance

Conscious and regenerative leaders rely on their inner wisdom and intuition. They possess the bravery to heed their inner guidance, even when it diverges from external opinions or societal norms.


5. Self-reflection

Developing self-awareness demands courage. Conscious and regenerative leaders actively pursue self-reflection, aiming for a profound comprehension of their drives, strengths, and areas that require development.


6. Pursue Vision and Purpose

Courage motivates conscious and regenerative leaders to recognise their vision and life's purpose. They fully dedicate themselves to their chosen path, serving as an inspiration for others to do the same.


7. Take Risks

Successful leadership frequently requires taking well-considered risks. Conscious and regenerative leaders grasp the significance of bravery in confronting uncertainty and seizing opportunities.


8. Let Go of the Old

Conscious and regenerative leaders possess the fortitude to discard obsolete practices, and welcome forgiveness, compassion, and embracing the mantra of doing good by being better.


9. Fail and Learn

Conscious leaders exhibit the bravery to acknowledge their errors, glean lessons from them, and emerge resilient.


10. Admit Imperfection

Nobody possesses all the solutions, and conscious and regenerative leaders bravely acknowledge their errors or uncertainties. This openness cultivates trust and authenticity.


11. Challenge the Status Quo

Conscious and regenerative leaders defy the existing state of affairs when it ceases to fulfil a greater mission. They exhibit the bravery to challenge conventions and pursue more ethical and regenerative practices.


12. Face Fears

 Fear may immobilise, yet conscious and regenerative leaders confront and transcend their fears, emerging with renewed vigour and resilience.


13. Seek Help

Conscious and regenerative leaders understand the significance of seeking support when necessary. They bravely request assistance and engage in fruitful collaboration.


14. Lead with Love and Compassion

Courage is essential for leadership driven by love and compassion. Conscious and regenerative leaders prioritise compassion for themselves, their teams, and their communities.


15. Go Against the Grain

Having the courage to break away from antiquated systems and conventions is often necessary. Conscious and regenerative leaders demonstrate the bravery to challenge conventional wisdom for the betterment of all.


16. Uphold Integrity

Even in the face of opposition, conscious and regenerative leaders boldly uphold their integrity and values, steadfastly doing what they deem to be right.


17. Be Conscious Leaders

Primarily, authentic conscious and regenerative leaders embody the courage to integrate the twenty-one principles of conscious and regenerative leadership itself. They dedicate themselves to leading with mindfulness, empathy, and a profound sense of purpose.


The Ripple Effect of Conscious and Courageous Actions

The impact of conscious and courageous actions extends far beyond the confines of the organisation. By leading with integrity, compassion, and courage, conscious and regenerative leaders inspire others to follow suit, creating a ripple effect of positive change in their communities and beyond. Their actions serve as a beacon of hope and resilience in times of uncertainty, driving collective efforts toward a more free, responsible, ethical, and prosperous world.



Principle 6 of conscious and regenerative leadership reminds us that leadership is not just about making decisions—it's about embodying values, taking purposeful action, and leading by example. By embracing conscious and courageous actions, leaders have the power to transform organisations, empower individuals, and catalyse positive change on a global scale.


AMARNA Vida stands ready to support leaders in transcending to become conscious and regenerative leaders. Our approach is grounded in the understanding that successful leadership requires a delicate balance between instinctive insights and empirical evidence. We offer tailored advice, programs, and resources designed to cultivate leaders' ability to integrate these dual modes of thinking seamlessly.


Through our programs, mainly the Leaders’ Optimized Performance and Maximized Impact Coaching Program®, in partnership with QLX, leaders gain a deeper understanding of the role that courage plays in decision-making processes.

AMARNA Vida is committed to empowering leaders with the tools, insights, and support they need to thrive in today's complex business environment.

Do you consider yourself a courageous leader? Do you confront uncertainty with bravery?




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