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Serving Beyond Sustainability

Welcome to AMARNA Vida


We are a trusted consulting firm focused on sustainability, net-zero, regenerative, and conscious business practices.

Committed to driving positive change, we offer comprehensive services to empower your organisation to thrive in today's dynamic business environment.

Our Services

Our consultancy services empower your organisation to collaborate with diverse stakeholders, leveraging collective intelligence to develop integrative solutions through co-creation initiatives.

Assessments & Reporting Services

We offer thorough assessments, context analysis, diagnostic tools, and reporting services to evaluate your organisation's culture, practices, policies, and operations through the lenses of sustainability, net-zero, as well as conscious and regenerative practices.

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Strategic Planning Services

We develop strategic plans that align with your organisation's vision, integrating top-down and bottom-up data collection to set a clear direction towards sustainability, and net-zero, as well as conscious and regenerative practices.

Project Management Services

We assist in implementing the defined strategic plan and other specific plans by providing support in planning, execution, monitoring, and closing through concrete programs.

We value your organisation’s value by empowering it further.

Our Journey

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AMARNA Vida was established by offering architectural and engineering services for projects focusing on renewable energy, solid waste management, sustainable architecture, and regenerative communities.




Amidst the pandemic, AMARNA Vida hosted an online conference titled "Co-creating a Regenerative World During Times of Disruption." We brought together a panel of experts and influencers in regenerative development, including Bill Reed, to collectively inspire the future of our world.

Our Cornerstones

We work closely with your organisation through a collaborative process to enhance your operational and financial outcomes, fostering your organisation’s prosperity while leaving a positive impact on the world.

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Reasons to Partner with Us

Integrative Approach: We empower your organisation with holistic strategies to thrive, by considering economic, social, and ethical dimensions, while also regenerating the planet and society.

Highly Specialised Team: We leverage our extensive expertise in sustainability, systemic strategic thinking, and conscious and regenerative principles, by offering well-informed and effective solutions tailored to your organisation's needs.

Legacy-Driven Mindset: Our dedication to leaving a lasting legacy through conscious and regenerative business practices may inspire your organisation to create its own measurable legacy, facilitated by our data-driven services.

Personalised Solutions: We provide hands-on, personalised services that align with your organisation's goals, values, and unique requirements, by engaging effectively with all stakeholders.

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