We Are Co-creating a
Regeneration-Driven World,

Are You Ready to Co-create, too?

A world that considers the essence of the entire system and goes beyond resilience or sustainability. A world that has the capacity to do and be more than it was before a period of crisis.

AMARNA Vida has the purpose of being a catalyst for the healing, transformation, and regeneration of individuals, organisations, communities, and the Planet.

We collaborate with nature for people

We collaborate with people for nature

We help you to engage with yourself and reclaim your inner nature, engage with others, with your organisations, with your communities, and all the world around you, by using nature’s wisdom, which is the intelligence found in living-systems — the “Tree of Life”.

We are about developing a renewed spirit of relationship with nature and with each other.

Our Key-Areas

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We are passionate about contributing to the planet’s evolution through our conscious regeneration-driven organisation, as well as our direct contributions to other projects that make a difference in the world.

Co-create with us the path to a regeneration-driven world, where we develop a collaborative relationship with nature and each other.

Embrace with us a transformative journey based on continuous improvement.