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AMARNA Vida's Liliana Domingues Featured in DiversityConnector Magazine

Updated: Jun 14

We are excited to announce that our Founder, CEO, and Senior Consultant, Liliana Domingues, has been featured in the prestigious magazine, DiversityConnector.

A Deep Dive into Liliana’s Journey and Vision

In this insightful interview, Liliana delves into her remarkable journey, innovative approach to sustainability, and the impactful legacy she aspires to leave in the corporate world. Her story is a testament to dedication, vision, and the relentless pursuit of a better future.

Commitment to Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Practices

Liliana shares her profound dedication to environmental engineering and sustainable practices, which have been the cornerstone of her career. This passion led her to establish AMARNA Vida, a premier strategy consulting firm that specialises in strategic planning to empower organisations to thrive while fostering the planet’s regeneration.

Empowering Organisations and Fostering Regeneration

At AMARNA Vida, our mission aligns with Liliana’s vision. We aim to integrate conscious and regenerative principles into business strategies, ensuring long-term success and a positive impact on the planet. Liliana’s leadership and innovative approaches continue to inspire and drive our efforts.

📖 Read the Full Interview

Discover more about Liliana’s journey, insights, and the transformative work being done at AMARNA Vida by reading the full interview in DiversityConnector magazine.

We are incredibly proud of Liliana’s achievements and the recognition of her work. Stay tuned for more updates and join us in celebrating this milestone!

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