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AMARNA Vida's Liliana Domingues Leads Masterclass on Redefining Sustainability with IPBN

On May 28th, Liliana Domingues, Founder and CEO of AMARNA Vida, delivered an impactful masterclass titled "Redefining Sustainability: From Compliance to Conscious Leadership" to the Ireland Portugal Business Network (IPBN). This enlightening session focused on transcending traditional sustainability models and embracing conscious leadership principles to foster meaningful impact and leave a positive legacy.

Key Highlights

  • Serving Beyond Sustainability Liliana delved into the concept of serving beyond sustainability, urging organisations to adopt conscious and regenerative practices. She highlighted the transformative potential of these principles in creating a lasting positive impact on the world.

  • Shifting from Compliance to Purpose The masterclass challenged conventional sustainability approaches, advocating for a shift from compliance-based models to ones rooted in purpose, ethics, and holistic impact. Liliana emphasised the importance of business leaders embodying conscious leadership to drive this change.

Topics Covered

1.     Critique of Compliance-Based Sustainability Models Liliana provided a critical analysis of current sustainability practices, highlighting their limitations and the need for a more comprehensive approach.


2.     Introduction to Conscious Leadership Participants was introduced to the concept of conscious leadership, exploring how it differs from traditional leadership styles and its significance in the modern business landscape.


3.     Values, Purpose, and Authenticity in Conscious Leadership The masterclass underscored the importance of aligning organisational values with a clear purpose, fostering authenticity in leadership to inspire and engage stakeholders.


4.     Organisational Purpose and Transformation Liliana discussed the pivotal role of organisational purpose in driving transformation, encouraging businesses to integrate ethical considerations into their core strategies.


5.     Ethics, Holistic Impact, and Conscious Leadership The session concluded with insights into the ethical dimensions of leadership and the necessity of considering the holistic impact of business decisions on society and the environment.


🎧 Masterclass Recording:

For those who missed the masterclass or wish to revisit its key insights, the podcast recording is available here.

Liliana Domingues’ masterclass at IPBN is a testament to her dedication to pioneering conscious leadership and sustainable business practices. Her insights provide a valuable blueprint for organisations aspiring to create a positive and lasting legacy.


Together We Empower Beyond Sustainability



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