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Liliana Domingues on the AKFI Podcast: Advocating for Conscious Leadership

Updated: Jun 14

We are excited to announce that Liliana Domingues, Founder and CEO of AMARNA Vida, recently participated in the Actionable Knowledge Foundational Initiative (AKFI) Podcast with hosts Manuel Vexler and Isabella Wang. This enlightening conversation, spread across two parts, delves deep into the transformative power of conscious leadership and its profound impact on business and society.

Key Topics Covered:

1.     Conscious Leadership: Defining Principles and Values Liliana explores the core principles and values that define conscious leadership, emphasising ethical decision-making and a commitment to positive impact.


2.     Shifting from Profit to Purpose-Driven Organisations The discussion highlights the importance of transitioning from profit-centric models to purpose-driven organisations that prioritise long-term sustainability and social responsibility.


3.     Conscious Leadership's Impact on Organisational Culture Liliana shares insights on how conscious leadership can reshape organisational culture, fostering environments where employees are empowered and values-driven.


4.     Creating Conscious Organisations: Beyond Sustainability Moving beyond traditional sustainability, the conversation covers how businesses can integrate regenerative practices and holistic approaches into their core strategies.


5.     Patagonia as a Model for Conscious Practices Liliana and the hosts discuss Patagonia's exemplary approach to conscious business practices, offering valuable lessons for other organisations.


6.     Advocating for Conscious Practices in Industries The podcast underscores the need for advocating conscious practices across various industries, driving systemic change for a more sustainable future.

7.     Personal Growth and Conscious Leadership Development Liliana emphasises the importance of personal growth in becoming a conscious leader, sharing her own journey and experiences.


8.     Integrating Sustainability into Broader Themes The conversation also explores how sustainability intersects with broader business themes, advocating for a more integrated approach to corporate responsibility.


Watch and Listen to the Podcast:

Part 1: Watch here

Part 2: Watch here

Liliana Domingues’ participation in the AKFI Podcast is a testament to her commitment to pioneering conscious leadership and sustainable business practices. Her insights provide a valuable blueprint for businesses aspiring to make a lasting positive impact on the world.

Stay tuned to our website and LinkedIn page for more updates and insights from AMARNA Vida, as we continue our mission to empower organisations to thrive sustainably and responsibly.

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