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Liliana Domingues on the DiversityConnector Podcast with Getrude Matshe: Leading the Charge for Conscious Business Practices

Updated: Jun 14

In an era where the cry for environmental sustainability rings louder than ever, Liliana Domingues emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. With a career that transcends traditional boundaries, Domingues demonstrates that the future of business lies in our ability to reimagine and reform our approach to sustainability. Here's how she's engineering a greener future through conscious business:

Key Insights:

1.     Visionary Transformation: From environmental engineering to pioneering in conscious and regenerative business, Liliana Domingues showcases the impact of visionary leadership on environmental sustainability.


2.     Beyond Compliance: Liliana challenges businesses to move past compliance, advocating for sustainability as a core strategy for positive change on a global scale.


3.     Conscious Leadership: At the centre of Liliana’s philosophy is the practice of conscious leadership, emphasising ethical decision-making and the wide-reaching effects of business on society and the environment.


4.     Collaboration is Key: Stressing the importance of partnerships, Liliana believes in leveraging collective efforts among businesses and sustainability advocates to achieve systemic environmental goals.


5.     A Legacy of Impact: Domingues envisions a future where businesses are lauded not just for their economic success, but for their contribution to the planet's health and societal equity.

We are thrilled to announce that Liliana Domingues, Founder and CEO of AMARNA Vida, recently shared her insights on the DiversityConnector Podcast with Getrude Matshe. During this enlightening conversation, she delved into the importance of integrating sustainability into core business strategies and the power of conscious leadership in driving positive change.


Watch and Listen to the Podcast:

Liliana Domingues' journey and insights serve as a compelling blueprint for future leaders and organisations. It's clear: with conscious leadership and ethical practices, businesses can indeed become a formidable force for good.

Stay tuned to AMARNA Vida for more updates on our mission to empower organisations through sustainable and regenerative business practices.


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